Surfboard Travel Bag Restriction On International Flights

You got a good deal and found a cheap flight to your own surfing destination. In the event that you are packing your Dakine tote up by means of your two favorite surfboards, you might be in for a terrible surprise. In the case of surfboard travel bag, nimages.jpgot all airlines treat your surfboard the same. How do the airlines stack up? A lot of these, not so good.

Let us begin with all the worst. Each way charges between $175 and $2
50 for the surfboard travel bag. You could buy a secondhand surfboard for less or a brand new surfboard for $500. Perhaps, you could use that cash to buy a surfboard when you arrive and dash it to a local child when you leave. Basically, you’ll be giving the cash to a child that is local as opposed to a company that has been looking to adhere to you for just attempting to travel by means of your surfboard. All your surfboards will still take the form as you left them when you return home, and you will not let out any more cash than if you had brought your own surfboard with you. That’s one means to produce an excellent condition from an unpleasant one.

Now for the worse. Sadly, most of another leading airline around the world fall within this group. It’s common practice for the airlines impose high fees about the surfboard travel bag and to deem your surfboard travel bag. It’s possible for you to be prepared to cover around $100 each way with the majority of airlines to travel by means of your surfboard. I can’t recommend highly enough that you simply assess the airline’s policy before booking any flight, in the event, you plan traveling along with your surfboard. Many airlines have baggage restrictions at specific times of the entire year and may very well not have the ability toimages (1).jpg bring your surfboard for just about any cost on the plane.

Surf traveler’s business is sought after by several airlines. Some of them offer free journey for the surfboard travel bag. Quantas Airlines was granted Surfer Magazine’s “Airline of the Entire Year Award”. Among the variables for their choice was because surfboard travel bags are not charged for. Also, free surfboard travel bag journey is also offered by Virgin Atlantic.

This caused a stir with several voyagers as well as made its way to the discussion in the parliament of Britain. In September 2009, on Facebook thanks to some campaign, their decision was finally rescinded by British Airways Yet, for a lot of surfers this regrettably means long boards and minimal (fun boards) are banned.

It is best to take some time to e-mail any flight which you selected to not fly with because of the gear rules/fees on a surfboard travel bag; in case you are taking your surfboard on your next flight. Make them understand they lost business. The Facebook effort is an example that a difference is made by consumer pressure. Allow the airline you selected understand that you think of the policy on surfboard travel bag prices; while you are at it.


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