Pointers To Know In Selecting A Surfboard Travel Bag

surfboard bag#1) Does your surfboard fit into the surfboard travel bag?
Make sure your bag fits your plank. It’s length should be clear, and the size is also key. Examine breadth and the length.

It is trendy to get a board bag that is several inches larger than your board, but not extremely larger; you wouldn’t want it moving around. But from four to six inches larger is fine, that way you’ll be able to use it if you get a different board that is somewhat larger or if you need to stuff it with wetsuit, fins and other travel goodies.
The ideal way to buy a surfboard travel bag is after you have purchased your board. Attempt and fit it into the bag and pick the one which feels more appropriate. If you can not buy in person, then get the measurements of the board and ensure it corresponds to that of the bag.

#2) Fit Your Design Board To Design Surfboard Case
If you purchase Mini Simmons, a Fish, or Retro Surfboard you ought to look for a board bag with the same qualities and measurements. Ultimately, assess the nose contour of the bag case. Surfboard bags come in three primary nose contours:

  • pointed (primarily for short board totes)
  • semi-round (or hybrid)
  • Complete round (for Malibu and long board totes)

In addition, you need to make sure if your surf bag is solely for traveling, then you just have to purchase a unique surfboard travel bag which has different features than a daytime board bag. There is not anything like opening your surfboard bag in Costa Rica when it is firing outside and you got three dings to repair before you can paddle out.

#3) Do your fins fit into the board bag?
You are going to need to be sure your surfboard case works with your fins both outside and in.

Quads will need more room in the sides and back and have broad fin set ups.
Glass-on fins are making a recovery and should you  travel with your fins glassed-in make sure those fins are well shielded.
surfboard travel bag
Also, bags have a fin slot, be sure to assess this attribute if you like to keep your fins in place.

#4) Does zip of the surfboard bag suck?
Ensure your bag has an excellent zipper that will stay long. The zipper should be robust and waterproof. Metal zippers will oxidize—so avoid metal: the salt water will eat them for lunch.

Most of these surf bags that are scrapped are because of a zipper that is dead. Your bag isn’t of any use if it will not open or shut.

The zipper is significant and you should search for the brand YKK. Your board bag zipper should be a #8 or #10.

#5) Is the bag cushioned like a push-up bra?
One that is inexpensive will skimp on padding and you’re better off wrapping the board in a dipper and a towel. Do not be stingy, when your board and that zip breaks and your board gets dinged from the thin padding you will be cursing at yourself and wish you’d have bought the right one.

Have a look at your new board bag and give it an excellent compression—like catching the bum of your partner; before you purchase any surfboard travel bag. If you’re able to feel your fingertips through it, do not purchase it.


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