Surfboard Repairs Made Easy

There are lots of challenges out there both in the water and on the land that can and will play havoc with your surfboard. Stone, coral, other surfers and boards, are dangers that can easily damage your surf board. Afterward there is bumps, bangs, and drops from the water that can break or dent your surf board. While your surf board is not going to appear all shiny and new for too long once it’s been exposed to wax and the surf, it’s significant to keep on top of surfboard repairs, particularly cracks and fissures. The reason? Once water can start seeping into your surf board it’s going to begin to weigh your board down, and eventually possibly damage the interior of your surfboard. These small surfboard repair occupations can readily be done yourself. Read on for tips on surf board ding repair.


The best way to fix a surfboard:

First things first. Before you place any type of surf board repair merchandise in your surfboard you should know whether your board is epoxy or fiberglass. The reason behind this is straightforward. Use the wrong merchandise and they’ll begin to erode the Surfboard Blank in your surf board. So an epoxy surfboard will want epoxy surf board ding repair products and a fiberglass plank will demand fiberglass surfboard repair products. The 2 are completely incompatible, so do not be tempted to use your teammate’s ding repair kit when you’re caught short in the middle of nowhere if your surfboards aren’t both the same.

Next, you will require to ensure your surfboard is pleasant and dry. Just how do you understand when it is dry enough? Press down around the hole or break and check to see if any water seeps outside. If you’re able to see water, it’s not dry enough. You’ll be able to either stick your board in sunlight to increase the procedure or begin drying it out with a hairdryer. Either way, your surf board repair will continue considerably more and it’ll be a lot better for the long-term life of the board should youn’t seal it up with water left indoors.

Your place and the outside temperature will play some impact in your surfboard repair. Whether you happen to be surfing in tropical Hawaii or some freezing cold spot at the center of winter will discover how much hardener you might be going to must use in the resin. Read the directions and make sure to use the right number. The colder it’s, the more hardener you’ll be using.


If this all seems too difficult or complicated, there are excellent Solarez surfboard repair kits available. Yep, they can be accessible for both epoxy and fiberglass surfboards. The attractiveness of these kinds of surfboard repair kits is that you simply do not need to add hardener to the resin. Sunlight will probably do most of the hard benefit you, whether or not it’s ridiculously cold or boiling hot. Essentially, you do most of the work in the shade after which pop your surf board in sunlight to cure. Healing can take as little as 3 minutes and if you need to backtrack you only bring your surfboard back from sunlight and redo the work. These kinds of clothing can be priceless for surfing holidays and for quick surfboard repair occupations.


Successful surfboard repairs need the proper products for either a fiberglass or epoxy surfboard. Your surf board must have as much water as potential dried out of the surfboard ahead of beginning the repair occupation. For those in a hurry or not keen on blending substances,products for example Solarez ding repair kits can take away lots of the pain and time.

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