The 3 Most Popular Surfboard Makers

One of the numerous shapers making surfboards of sorts and contours, few rise above the rest. These surfboard makers could push their surfboard shaping technologies to perfection, making just the finest surfboards on the planet designed even for the world’s top surfers. Three surfboard makers rise above others within their years of expertise in the market and have become the hottest in the surfing world now.


Lost Surfboards

Undeniably the greatest producer of surfboards in America, Lost Surfboard Business continues to be consistently making quality surfboards for a long time. Lost Surfboard made it to the degree they’re at now due to their competitive drive for innovations, its prudent use of cutting edge technology and perfect supply system making their boards accessible in all leading surf sites.

Lost Surfboards were created and formed by head shaper Matt Biolos and by a team of well-known graphic artists like Sean Spoto and Drew Brophy. The team is really creative and known to make an extremely arty group of surfboards with vibrant and exceptional visual layouts that aren’t accessible with other surf businesses.

Lost surfboard’s most sought for versions contain the Round Nose Fish, 5-Fin Shark Devil, Revolutionary Psycho Ward, F1 board and the ill-famed Rate Devil II.

Rusty Surfboards

Recognized among pro surfers as among the best shapers in the word, Rusty Preisendorfer continues to be making high quality surfboards for professional surfers not only in North America, but in the planet. Rusty Preisendorfer started making surfboards at age 16. The boards he created are ridden by over half of professional surfers in the top 16. On account of his superiority in formation boards,Rusty Preisendorfer was held Shaper of the year (2008) by the sports’ top publication, Surfing Magazine. Rusty is also considered to have perfected the modern thruster.
cid_DC27B8C1-6B58-4C77-AFD8-E9E662AFC0D2Also called R-dot, Rusty surfboards went from simply making high end boards into production clothing that in addition has captured the trust and assurance of surfers. Apart from its modest beginnings in North America, now, the firm has always distribute its reach to Australia, Europe, Japan, Latin America and even parts of South America, making Rusty surfboards accessible through the world.

Rusty continues to shine in creating high quality and trendy surfboards for every surfer’s preference. You may select from any of its esteemed line of versions including high performance surfboards like the Bat Tail Quad, to choice surfboards like the new Rusty Dwart, as well as to specialization boards like the Javalin.

Channel Islands Surfboards

Making it among the three most popular surfboard manufacturing companies on the planet, Channel Islands Simon Anderson Surfboards continues to be making high performance and exceptional quality surfboards since 1969. Actually, it’s on the list of earliest surfboard manufacturing companies still working now. Though it just began with its local businesses, it eventually developed into a global surfboard and surf accessory supplier that caters to the individual needs of most kinds of surfers from beginners up to the world’s best.


The legend behind the success of Channel Islands is Al Merrick, its chief designer/originator. Included with this is its outstanding team of riders composed of not only some of the greatest experts and free surfers on the planet, but contains the surfing star Kelly Slater himself. With this sort of line up, the production of the greatest functionality surfboards is made possible. The set of Rusty surfboards ranges from longboards, shortboards, firearms, hybrid vehicles, trademark boards, to custom made boards. Surfers can select from any of Channel Islands surfboards including versions formed for Kelly Slater, Taylor Knox, Dane Reynolds, Rob Machado and many other top surfers and shapers. On the other hand, there can also be versions designed for beginners and intermediate surfers that would also satisfy their individual surfing needs.Notable mention Simon Anderson surfboards For more info see



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